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About Blessed Beauties

About Blessed Beauties

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Blessed Beauties Inc, is a black owned beauty supply and wellness
company. We are a Family owned and operated company that strives
to make our Customers feel like Family. The Brands we sell and
support are Brands that give back to the community and help the less
fortunate. Our company's main goal is to promote self love, self
confidence, while spreading love and positivity. When you support
BBI ,you support not only one Family, but multiple Families.
At Blessed Beauties, Inc we don't compete, we collaborate.


Meet the Founder & Chairwoman

Meet the Founder
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Mrs. Michelle Antionette 

Michelle Antionette was born and raised in Detroit ,MI. Her passion and Love for the beauty industry was sparked by watching her Mom. As a Child her Mom experimented with being Nail Tech  ,but was unable to finish Beauty School due to being a Single Mom. Michelle took the old products her Mom was no longer using, and taught herself how to do nails. She saved up enough Money to purchase a nail kit with a video and all the supplies. Michelle taught herself how to lay acrylic, do 3D nail art and encapsulated designs before there was a YouTube. After  attending College and receiving a degree . Michelle tried to working the corporate world ,but the Love for the Beauty industry called her name.  

 On the journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist; Michelle noticed the lack of Black Owned Beauty suppliers. The Beauty Supply Store is the crown jewel of any community. According to in 2017 the Black Americans captured 86 % of the ethnic beauty market. The Black community alone spent $54 Million out of $63Million on Beauty in 2017. When Michelle saw those numbers a lightbulb went off. After graduating from Beauty School Blessed Beauties was founded. Feb 2019 was the birth of Blessed Beauties and Michelle is working to make BBI a Brand people Know, and Love . Michelle’s main mission for Blessed Beauties, Inc is to not only be a great Family operated Company but be a great asset in the community.

How can you call yourself  Blessed, if  you don't use your blessing's to help others  .

-Michelle Antionette


Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate
Blessed Beauties, Inc is always looking to connect and partner with
other Beauty Business owners. If you would like for BBI to sell your
products please feel free to fill out the form below.

Partnership Form

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Psalm 46:5

God is within, she will not fall.

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