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Love &   Blessings

Non Profit

Who is Blessed Beauties ??

            Mission Statement: 


                     Our mission is to promote positive self-image, community togetherness and health awareness in underprivileged communities. We strive to build the self-esteem, confidence and community love to those in need and often forgotten. We spread love with acts of service and free teachings. We all have a talent and are beautiful in our own right. It’s Blessed Beauties mission to help increase positive personal and community development to bring out the inner and outer beauty in those who need it the most.    




           Blessed Beauties strives to bring the Love and beauty out of everyone we encounter. Beauty starts within and many never get a chance to feel truly beautiful. Our goal is to uplift, inspire and build   up the confidence of the underprivileged. We offer words of encouragement to build confidence, teach positive affirmations and breathing techniques to address mental and physical health in addition to classes and other techniques, our Beauty Bags include a range of free product (from hair care shampoos, conditioners, to body care soaps, and deodorants) along with beauty services to enhance natural beauty to increase self-care knowledge and self-love. Being beautiful is more than what's on the outside. Looking, feeling, and smelling good can change the way a person feels about themselves and how they treat others around them. Our only request from the recipients is for them to also spread love in their own ways. We embody a pay it forward mentality and encourage everyone to pay it forward and be kind to someone else. To take care of their environment, take care of themselves and appreciate every blessing big or small. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in youth and adults aged 45- 56 yrs. old due to mental illness, lack of self-love, and community support. The grave holds so many deferred dreams, buried talents and leaders. We all have the power to build up or destroy someone else with our words or actions. How are you using your power and talents to make the world a better place. Together we can make a great difference in our own small way. 



           Where do your donations go:


We’re partner with many different organizations to provide beauty products, hygiene, and essential item and beauty services to Group Homes, shelters and individuals dealing with homelessness. Your donations go towards beauty supplies, clothing, toxic free hygiene products, essential soaps and body care supplies purchased from local and black owned Businesses. We also assist with emergency community action to help those dealing with emergency situations. We have a host of other responsibility but 95% of our donations go directly to the people.   


If your a Company that wants to join with Blessed Beauties to help spread Love & Blessing  please feel free to enter your information in the contact form below.

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Be Blessed


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